Truitt Mansion

Jason Truitt's elegant and expansive home is a primary location in the story of "Finding Gaia". It is loosely based on an amalgamation of several real-life mansions of the era when it was built. To facilitate continuity of floorplans and enhanced conceptions of the spaces where the characters spend so much of their time, I made a rough model of the house using Google Sketchup.

It was my first use of the program, so the plan has several technical errors, but still serves to yield a general idea of what the house looks like both inside and out. Adding elements to SketchUp increases the file size, so I didn't furnish every room or place every railing, sill, etc., but simply placed a few elements around to gauge relative space. Likewise, not all surfaces have been fully painted/textured, and I haven't included all of the grounds nor the forest surrounding them.

You are welcome to virtually visit Jason's home using the files below. Please note that all content is copyrighted material; you may download the files but not post them to any other site without my written permission.

SketchUp File

For those who have the SketchUp program and wish to view the file - which will allow you to fully rotate, zoom, and even virtually "walk" through the house, right-click to save the file below:



Here are selected screencaps of the SketchUp file. Click the thumbnails to see larger versions. Please note that some contain labels or have filenames which may reveal early-chapter spoilers. View at your own discretion.

First Floor layout with labels Second Floor layout with labels Full Front From Above
Full Above Full Back From Above Full Back
Full Front View from parking lot East side
Parlour and Ballroom Doors from East Terrace Central and Western terraces West Rear
West Front Interior: Foyer Interior: Looking into Ballroom from Foyer
Interior: In Ballroom Interior: Looking from Ballroom toward Foyer Interior: Looking from Ballroom into Billiard Room
Interior: Billiard Room Interior: Standing in Arch between Billiard Room and Gallery Interior: Standing in rear corner of Library looking at Billiard Room Arch
Interior: Standing in Parlour looking to Backyard, Arch to Ballroom on the right and Arch to Dining Room on the left Interior: Looking into Dining Room from Parlour Interior: Standing at the top of the Western Stairs looking into Ballroom and Upper Landing
Interior: Standing outside Jason's door, Conservatory Arch on the left, hall to Trish and Don's Rooms in the middle, Ballroom below Interior: Standing in middle of Upper Landing, looking at Ballroom, Anna's Door, and Jason's Door Interior: Standing at the top of the Eastern Stairs looking into Ballroom, Anna's Door, and Jason's Door


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