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"Anna's control over vegetation was intriguing to follow, and I admired how she perceived the glories of nature. To feel the life that streams through plants and trees seems to be a beautiful connection. Watching Anna progress from being a badly bruised individual was rewarding, and I enjoyed a good percentage of the exchanges between her and Jason. Their old-fashioned ways were adorable at times, frustrating at others-but understandable due to the perceived atmosphere of the tale." - AIDY Reviews

"The author has written a unique story...This book ends on a note that lets you know there is more to come but yet is complete enough that I didn’t feel that I had been left hanging." - Judy DeVries of Just Judy's Jumbles

"Finding Gaia is a cool paranormal romance...This is a stand alone novel but I hope there is a second novel in the future." - Emi Lia at Bitten by Paranormal Romance

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