Anna Yale

August 15, 1577
Farmland near Coldred/Dover, England
Birth Name:
Rosanna Yale
Rosanna Reed, Anna Rose, Rose Davidson, Lily Davidson, Melantha Yale, Flora Yale, Anna Yale, Rose Davidson, Anna Parnah, Annapurna, Gaia

Family History

Hammond Yale, pig farmer, died October 12, 1603
Margaret Yale nee Chandler, died October 13, 1603
Michael (died in war with Spain), Elizabeth, Miriam, Samuel, Leigh, all older. Bernard, younger, died in infancy when Anna was a girl.

Henry Reed, died October 10, 1603
David Reed, born March 5 1601, died October 12, 1603


Reasonably pleasant to look at, but not noticeable for particular beauty. Sometimes appears unassuming, shy, and reserved, but other times bears a regal posture with a piercing glare.
Dark brown
Bright green
Curvaceous, wide hips, earth-motherly.
Caucasian, pale indoors, medium-fair in sunlight.
Simple dresses for the most part, tending to the old-fashioned and conservatively covered, though frequently can be found barefoot outside. Severe dislike of being made to wear pants, calling them “men’s attire”.

Closest celebrity look-alike:
Amy Lee (if Lee was a little older, and a little plumper)


No formal education. Picked up basic literacy skills over many years in various servant positions as literacy became more common through the lower classes of England. In the late 20th century, she occasionally went into towns to visit libraries and read mainstream scientific publications, but did not understand much of what she read.
Worked many domestic servant jobs over many years, moving frequently to avoid becoming too familiar or making lasting connections after the first revelation of her abilities. When she realized she’d saved up too much money to avoid suspicion in that social class, she recreated herself as a lady merchant, opening a fine clothing design house and boutique. She later left that behind and became a recluse.


Special Talents/Powers

Rapid healing, does not age, immune to poison and disease, can grow any photosynthetic plant by thought (improved with direct touch), can hide amongst vegetation even when it seems too small to provide full cover, perfect aim, superior strength, senses, balance, and speed.


Political Leanings:
Generally indifferent in terms of parties and sides, believing they all lie and do the same things over and over regardless of what ordinary people want or need. On social liberties, she’s liberal and believes nobody should be concerned with anybody else’s personal business. Financially, she’s liberal-libertarian: she’d like orphans and widows to be cared for but distrusts large bureaucracies.
Pet Issues:
Solidly anti-religion and will speak out forcibly against any state-based religious activity.

Makes fabulous pies. Sews and embroiders with the speed and precision of a machine. Otherwise prefers to spend her time outside amongst trees and sunshine.
Irritated by mechanized noises and dislikes machinery in general. Still upholds Victorian and older values, particularly in terms of appropriate feminine behaviour. Mutters to herself when anxious.

“Finding Gaia” Excerpt

“Why can’t you see that I’m not a little lost lamb? But that’s it, isn’t it? You need me to be this idea you’ve created all of these years, this helpless woman in need of your rescue, this trapped Gaia goddess, a thing of nurturing kindness you can set free and bring about a new world of harmonious life with the land. But that’s not what I am, Jason! I don’t even know what I am! I’m somewhere between a lady and a feral beast, inconstant between them.”


* * *


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